39days later.

20/01/10 So after 39 long days, two wards and three different rooms, two near death experiences, endless cups of tea and one hell of an emotional roller coaster… I was finally going home…

The emotions take over.

15/01/10 I woke up this morning to the realization of everything that had happened in the last month. I’m very emotional and I still don’t really understand what’s happened. So far the only time I haven’t cried today is when Kaljit came round to do his rounds. He suggested that I speak to someone and […]

What a difference a day can make.

14/01/10. Got woken up this morning apparently I need to have a wash.  Do they not know I’m ill! Mum and dad are coming over today, can’t wait to see them. Also today is the day that Karen is taking my neck lines out. That should be interesting. She was going to do it last […]

Sit up first time

10/01/10 What a nice surprise! I walk into your room today to see that the nurses have got you out of your bed and you are sat in the chair next to it. You haven’t sat in a chair now since Christmas day and it is so good to see. It shows we are making […]

Na na na na na na Batman!!!

  09/01/10 You asked the nurse looking after you if you were allowed a TV to watch. Music was boring you and you didn’t like just staring into space. The TV they gave you was a TV/DVD combo which was cool so I brought you some films into watch. After we sat talking all night […]

Woke Up.

07/01/10 Babe, you’re AWAKE!! Your parents got a phone call earlier saying you have been taken off the life support and you’re awake and breathing for yourself. When I came in to see you, you had a half face mask with oxygen on. You look amazing, Skinny, but amazing. You’re going to freak out when […]